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The expansion of the Islamic Empire was caused by many factors however some of the most important factors in my opinion do stand out. The factor that Islam was founded based on Judaism and is similar to Christianity in the fact that all three religions believe in the Old Testaments of the Bible. This allows for an easy interchange within the religions, giving those who want to convert from one of the other religions an easier transition to make. I think that because Islam is such a strict religion because of the way Muhamad had interpreted the angel Gabriel’s words it allows the follwers to believe in more depth that this religion is going to take them back to God. Because it is so strict you wonder if this can be wrong at all because it is so time consuming. They must pray five times a day, and eat a certain way. All this adds up and allows for a strict and acetic lifestyle that makes followers confident in their belief. Islam also had very strong leaders who were extremely wise. This conclusion can be made
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