UGC 111 Islamic States and Byzantium

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I think the Islamic states contributed to science by inventing something known now a days as a windmill. However this was no ordinary windmill. It was accompanied by “shield” walls which assisted even more in capturing a maximum amount of wind. This enabled the mass production of wheat. As you can tell, geographically speaking, most of the Islamic states are in the desert area, they benefitted truly from this invention. It impacted their lives as well as those in the future by providing an effiencient way to grind wheat, and maximizing the potential wind absorption. Islamic states also made a very huge find in terms of agriculture. They found out a way to keep the troughs wet and allow the plants to flourish. This was by the means of an invention known as the “noria.” The noria was a large circular piece of wood with a bunch of buckets on it. It would strategically be placed near a stream and would take water from the stream and dump it into the trough using energy provided by the stream. This impacted the lives of
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