UGC 111 Major Interchanges Western Asia and Europe

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World Civ. Recitation. One interchange during the time period that influenced science and technology in Europe was trading. They would be trading a lot with the middle eastern countries. China always had a silk dominated empire which allowed them to trade silk with any country. This actually assisted in technology that led into fashion. Clothing was being made with much more clarity. This is something that we also see in our society today. Another interchange during this time period was war. War influenced technology such as the crossbow to arise. This was the first armor piercing arrow which led to other technology we see in our time period. It was important because it set a new standard for war. In that case if you did not have the crossbow or any other type of technology, most likely would result in a loss.
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Unformatted text preview: Lastly, immigration was a huge deal to the advances in sciences. Medicinal practices are different all around and some places in western Asia have a better practice to resolve diseases that were never seen in Europe. A common example of a disease that had different methods of treatment was diarrhea. When immigration happened it allowed for the treatment of diarrhea to expand more and have more possibilities of cure for it. This was important to us because cultural diversity even today has proved to be strong on a global scale. Learning things from other people is the best way to learn anything. It is a way we can all conquer anything together....
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