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I think two major similarities between stoicism and Christianity are that both use a view of where the person following either the philosophy or the religion (respectively) are free and entitled to their own particular views. This is described in the Bible where it states that one may just accept Jesus as his/her savior and yet can still sin. Because of this idea, I feel that Christianity is allowing its followers to have their own views and follow their own beliefs while still being a Christian. According to Prof. Baumer’s lecture Stoicism also believed in free will and practice. Therefore allowing me to conclude they are similar. Another similarity is the worship of a divine, supernatural person. I think this is shown by the idea that Christians in general worship the Holy Trinity or a part of the Trinity. This includes The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that God is divine. This is seen in Stoicism where sometimes a Pagan spirit is worshiped such as a deity for the wind and sun. Since both are worshiping a
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Unformatted text preview: supernatural being, I felt that it is a major similarity between them. Major differences in Christianity and Stoicism are harder to interpret because there are so many differences and finding two major ones is hard. However I think one major difference is the idea monotheistic and polytheistic religions. The Stoics are knows for worshiping multiple Pagan deities. Christainity is known for its view of only one God. This is a direct difference in which worshiping is concerned. This is why I think it is a major difference. Another major difference would be the action of showing emotions. Stoics are restricted to showing any emotions. They must be totally detached from emotional behaviors. On the contrary Christianity endorses the fact of showing emotion, such as when Jesus was crucified Mother Mary was crying and showing emotions. This is a huge difference in the two because it effects the everyday life of the those involved in the ideology....
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