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UGC 111 Timeaus Scientific Account

UGC 111 Timeaus Scientific Account - Is Timeaeus considered...

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Is Timeaeus considered a scientific account? I feel that it is not a scientific account for a number of reasons. Before the reasons are discussed let me define a scientific account. A scientific account is any account that is proven thoroughly by science, without any undefined matters or unexplained phenomenons. This is inclusive of the theory of God or any other supernatural being. This being said and kept in mind we proceed to my first example. In Timeaeus, Socrates mentions the city of Atlantis. Everything about this city was described accurately as per scientific conduct. This includes the fact of it was near Libya and Libya has a lot of attachment to that city. But when Athena is mentioned (a supernatural being) the account immediately becomes more of a logical sequence or a matter of faith. This is because there is no proof that God exists and science needs to have everything to be proven in order for it to be considered a science. Since Athena is not proven to exist, it cannot be a scientific account. Even though this story has the scientific method
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