UGC 112 1980-2000

UGC 112 1980-2000 - knowledge quickly. The Internet was...

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Gaurang Joshi A great event that was significant during the 1980s-2000’s was when the United States responded to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. They defeated Iraq however Saddam Hussein was still in power. However this is important because in the future Saddam Hussein will play a power role in the war on terrorism for America. This is a significant part in American History because it is one of the first times where America is documented in helping another nation and was citing the reason to be in the name of democracy. This reason will be issued many more times in the coming years. A development that was significant was the invention of the Internet. This tool will be used to spread information and connect people worldwide. It will be used to communicate and to spread knowledge. This is important because it gives a new medium for communication. It also sparks a new type of social behaviors and allows for people to gain knowledge and share
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge quickly. The Internet was first started out as the Arpanet and later on was built into nine different servers which are hosted by major U.S universities. Later it spread to the whole world. Lastly an Important event is the development of a nuclear bomb by both India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan were long time neighboring countries which were in constant war with each other over disputed land known as Jammu and Kashmir. Both countries were in a stalemate, until the production of nuclear bombs happened. This is important because it was the first time in which a nuclear warfare could be possible since neither of the two countries have signed the Arms Treatstie. Both countries can at any time blow each other to oblivion and this is what makes it so dangerous because the side effects could irritate another country and the whole world....
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UGC 112 1980-2000 - knowledge quickly. The Internet was...

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