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UGC 112 Cold War

UGC 112 Cold War - bomb in America it caused a sense of...

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Gaurang Joshi What factor led Allies in World War II subsequently to be “Cold War” enemies, Justify your selections: After World War II, the allies were all trying to split up Germany since it had become too weak. Therefore this caused a problem. The British and Americans had control of East Berlin and West Berlin belonged to the U.S.S.R. This was important because it caused a split in powers and ultimately U.S.S.R was complaining that it did not receive adequate compensation for the number of people that it had lost in the war. It had also triggered a space race because of the competition between the Soviet Union and United States. Since both had lost the most they wanted the most power and this was shown by new weapons and arms beginning to be made. Also was the ongoing space race and the 1950’s “Beat Generation” which tried to fight conformity in America. This was the first time that America was in its prime and because of the invention of the atomic
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Unformatted text preview: bomb in America it caused a sense of competition in U.S.S.R. This is important because the Soviets along with the world saw the power of the Atomic bomb. This caused a competition on making nuclear bombs between these two nations who are debating to see who is stronger based on there nuclear power. This led to fallout shelters and also a cold war where they would constantly bombard each other with threats of dropping a nuclear bomb. Lastly since during WWII the allies were composed of USA and the USSR, it showed a large contradiction in government. USA was a democratic republic and on the other hand USSR was a communist country. The USSR wanted to spread the communist theory, and the USA wanted to defend the rights to democracy. This was also hard because both countries had gained the most after WWII, due to the fact that they had lost the most in the war....
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UGC 112 Cold War - bomb in America it caused a sense of...

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