UGC 112 European Impacts on Americas

UGC 112 European Impacts on Americas - missionaries on the...

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Gaurang Joshi A major impact that Europe had on Asia and America in the 19 th Century is in the trading industry. During this time Asia (mostly China, because almost all the other countries were still controlled by Europeans) was trading with Europe independently. China was trading Opium which was impacting them in a negative way because of the harvesting of Opium and the widespread abuse it cause in China. Because of this it caused a war known as the Opium Wars. Impacting China to not trade or harvest Opium any longer. On the other hand the Colonies in America had just gained there freedom and were now trading with Europe. This trade was friendly and much less controversial. It benefited the Americas the most because of the recent war, they were able to make money and have a time of peace. Since both sides were being benefited in this trade it is analogous to trading with Asia in which only Europe beneifted. This is a major difference. Another major impact is Religion. During this time period, Europe sent out many
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Unformatted text preview: missionaries on the duty to convert as many people in other lands as they could to Catholicism. This was not really a huge factor in the Americas because religious freedom a protected right for the citizens under the bill of rights. This led to minimal conversions. Also most people in Americas had fled from Europe to escape religious persecution. In Asia on the other hand, many people were forced to change religions, such as in India and China. Because of the white mans burden ideology in Europe they felt that it was their responsibility to change the Asians, and since most of Asia was still controlled by Europe a sense of superiority was promising in the conversion of many Asians to Christianity. This was different impacts in both places, where we see in Asia many converts who view the superiority of the Europeans and in Americas where equality was preached....
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UGC 112 European Impacts on Americas - missionaries on the...

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