UGC 112 Nationalism

UGC 112 Nationalism - Nationalism is the ideology of...

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Unformatted text preview: Nationalism is the ideology of cultural unity through nation identity. Basically that means a group of people who feel a sense of pride when it comes to their nation and nationality. Nationality was delineated a lot in Europe from the 1815s to 1914s. The Greeks led by Ypsilanti revolted against the Ottoman Empire. This was a huge nationalistic movement because it acquired many of the people in Greece to participate. People felt pride in the sense that they are from Greece where their fore fathers founded many basis and principles that the Ottoman Empire was stealing. This large nationalistic movement gained the support of Britain and France, who later named Greece Independent. Since this movement did not just stay inside Greece and spread to other European Nations, it is considered very important. Also this happened to be one of the first occurring in 1821. The Revolution in France showed that the people wanted to take control for their dear country into their own hands. This is proved by the seizure of the Estates General, which was later converted into into their own hands....
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UGC 112 Nationalism - Nationalism is the ideology of...

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