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UGC 112 Scientific Revolution

UGC 112 Scientific Revolution - Gaurang Joshi World...

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Gaurang Joshi World Civilizations Recitation 2/14/2011 The scientific revolution was made possible by the introduction of Physics and Calculus, the telescope and microscope. The introduction of Physics and Calculus may not be a physical technology, however it was most probably the most essential part of the Scientific Revolution. Physics and Calculus was a type of mental technology that brought about a new way (scientific way) of thinking about how light interactions, forces and kinectics worked. For the first time we could prove many unexplained phenomenons such as gravity and calculate force that is required, mechanics started to build up, giving rise to the mechanical clock and mechanical grain machine. This machine was used to grind up grain and hops in order to make beer and bread. This was also an important discovery for our time period as it helps engineers construct much of the technology that we have till this date. I mean it is because of Calculus and Physics why computers were made and I have to type this paper.
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