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UGC 112 US Constitution

UGC 112 US Constitution - constitution each branch has...

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Gaurang Joshi A very important provision of the United States Constitution is the first ten amendments also known as the Bill of Rights. These are rights given to all American Citizens which cannot be taken away by the government of any other person unless under extreme conditions (e.g. such as being a terrorist). This is important because it prevents operations from the government and keeps there power limited. It will give power to the people and rights for the people to provoke change if there is a flaw they do not like. The bill of rights helps Americans feel safe and protects rights that should be given to all humans. The founding fathers kept this in mind they were mistreated by the British and that is how they formed the Bill of Rights. Another important provision of the Constitution is the split of power between the three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The legislative branch will make laws, executive will enforce them and the judicial will interpret them. This is how the American Government is regulated and because of the
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Unformatted text preview: constitution each branch has certain checks to make sure another branch or another person in a certain branch becomes too powerful. This is important to ensure the equal division of power to give citizens a fair and equal opportunity. This also makes United States a Democratic Republic in which the people have the power to choose whom they wish to represent them in the government. Lastly the addition of a bicameral legislative branch was very important to the constitution. Since the legislative branch is in charge of making laws it is very important to make sure that this branch is kept under check all the time. This is why the idea of having a Senate and a House of Representatives is ingenious because it allows for all potential laws to be checked twice by two different governing bodies. Both which should have the best interest of the people in mind. This is why it is important to have a bicameral legislative branch....
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