UGC 112 Vegetable Extra Credit

UGC 112 Vegetable Extra Credit - and paralyzed a vegetable...

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Gaurang Joshi Aristotle: “Vegetables” Aristotle explains that who is someone that does not think nor judges for himself is comparable to a vegetable. This means that vegetable people are those who do not think for themselves and instead fall to the status quo. One who does not care about anything is also a vegetable because they are indifferent. A vegetable is known as something that just sits around and also you would call a person who is brain dead
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Unformatted text preview: and paralyzed a vegetable because they cannot act for themselves and similarly Aristotle makes this argument about people who are indifferent and cannot think or judge for himself/herself. Someone who also aimlessly “BS’s” things is also a vegetable because they are not talking anything seriously and they also show by this method that they do not really care about anything....
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