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UGC 112 WWI - death of many It led to psychosis in many...

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Gaurang Joshi World War I did not go as planned at all for the Germans due to their immediate effort to help their allies. Since most of the countries involved in WWI were under the impression that because of Germanys sudden attack was the actual cause of WWI rather than the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. The Germans ended the war signing the Treaty of Paris which basically humiliated the Germans and blamed them for the war and all the losses that accompanied. The idea of trench warfare also caused unforeseen outcomes because of the style of fighting. In trench warfare both sides are confined to trenches for safety and can only overcome the opposing side by fighting in the trenches. This caused many to be patient and dragged the war along because of the long halts that were in between. Trench warfare was the leading cause of many diseases and also caused the
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Unformatted text preview: death of many. It led to psychosis in many soldiers as well and because of all its negative effects it showed that the war was not quick and small instead it was dragged on to a point where the soldiers felt sympathy for each other and would celebrate Christmas with each other’s. Lastly the invention of many new weapons and tools sparked a whole new style of warfare. This was the first time where air combat was used giving everyone an equal playing ground. Machine guns and flamethrowers were made as well and used to make warfare faster and easier. Gas bombs were still at a very primitive stage however were used in WWI. All these made an effect on each country because it cost a lot of money and sparked a wartime economy in all the warring nations....
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