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POST LAB QUESTION 4. Since this object is an “abnormal” object because of its shape, i.e. round top yet a flat bottom. It will be difficult to find the volume of it using a micrometer. A ruler is too general and it can lead to many human errors due to the large reading scale. Therefore we need something precise. This would call the use of section B3 in the lab where we would have a vial, the sample and water. This will precisely measure the
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Unformatted text preview: volume and density by the displacement of water. And since the shape is irregularly shaped the displacement of water will show us the volume and we can then obtain the mass by the weight of the vial and the sample. This simple subtraction will prove to be beneficial in the precision of our outcome with 3 trials. In my lab experiment 1, the most precise seemed to be B3 because all three of my densities were in close proximity with each other....
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