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CHEM 101 Pre Lab 2 - into the Buchner funnel and moisten...

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1) To determine whether a mixture is homogenous or heterogeneous is to see what are the ingredients of the mixture. Then the next step is to evaluate whether each ingredient retains its own identity in the mixture. If it does then it would mean that it is a heterogeneous mixture and if it does not then it would mean it is a homogeneous mixture. Look at the color of the mixture and try to compare it to the colors of the individual ingredients of the mixture. Look at the solubility. You can ask yourself, “Is the mixture uniform throughout?” Is the ingredients visibly different in texture or size? These questions would prove to be helpful in this situation. 2) You must clamp the filter flask to the ringstand and insert the rubber stopper surrounding the neck of the Buchner funnel tightly into the mouth of the flask. Place the filter paper
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Unformatted text preview: into the Buchner funnel and moisten the paper with distilled water. Connect the aspirator tubing to the sidearm of the flask and turn on the aspirator fully by opening the appropriate faucet. Pour the suspension to be filtered slowly onto the filter paper. Best idea is to pour down a glass rod held in a vertical position against the lip of the beaker with its lower end close to the desired section of the filter paper. Use stiring rod to transfer as much of the the solid as possible into the filter. Remove by suction as much solvent as possible from the solid on the paper. From this we use the suction and the stirring rod to get as much of the solid onto the the filter paper as possible. We also pour down the glass rod with water so that way we get as much of the solid as possible with minimal losses....
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