Syllabus - LIGN 8: Languages and Cultures of America...

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1 LIGN 8: Languages and Cultures of America (Spring 2010) Course goals To understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of diversity of language varieties spoken in the US and beyond. To use linguistics as a tool to engage in informed, critical discussions about language, culture and society. To address stereotypes about language, and learn how values about language shape language attitudes, language practices and our own language identities. To discuss how sociopolitical issues often masquerade as language/linguistic issues. Instructor: Prof. Gabriela Caballero ( ) Meeting time & place: MWF 1:00-1:50pm, Center Hall 105 Office hours: Th 1-2pm, AP&M 4210 Course website: accessible via WebCT ( Teaching assistants: Lucien Carroll ( ) Office hours: T 11:30-12:30pm and F 2-3pm, AP&M 3351A Bethany Keffala ( ) Office hours: W 2-4, AP&M 3331B How to communicate with us: All public inquiries regarding the course should be posted on the discussion board on WebCT. Examples of public inquiries: questions about assignments or other course material. The discussion board will be monitored by Lucien for an hour every weekday. All private inquiries regarding the course should be addressed by e-mail to Bethany . Examples of private inquiries: questions about your grade or other personal issues. Please put “Lign8” and a description of the message’s contents in the subject line of all email. All communications with us must be courteous and respectful if you expect a response! Course requirements A) Regular attendance and participation Attendance is required . Lecture slides will be made available via WebCT ( Slides will only be available after class — please don’t ask for them in advance. B) Readings Course textbook : available at the UCSD Bookstore. Finegan, E. & J.R. Rickford (eds). 2004. Language in the USA, Themes for the Twenty-first Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Additional readings also available online via Course Reserves ( Do the assigned reading prior to attending the lecture for which the reading was assigned. Lectures will generally build on the material in the readings, not simply recapitulate it, and will definitely go beyond that material in certain respects. You will be lost if you don’t read! You will not be reading for all the details and all the facts. You are reading for the arguments, main points, issues, and reasoning . That doesn’t mean that you skim, but it does mean that you should learn to read without getting bogged down trying to remember details. C)
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Syllabus - LIGN 8: Languages and Cultures of America...

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