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Research Project - LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures of America...

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LIGN 8 — Languages and Cultures of America Research project: Minority languages and the official language question* * Designed by Prof. Eric Bakovi ć . Interview results due Monday, April 26, 12pm Report outline due Monday, May 10, 12pm Final report due Friday, June 4, 12pm Each of these due dates is independently subject to the lateness policy outlined at the bottom of p. 2 of the syllabus. The basics Your task for this project is to interview 10 adults over age 18 (further details provided below) about their personal attitudes toward the public and private support of the use of languages other than English in the USA, and about their thoughts concerning official languages in the USA. There are three sets of interview questions (you will need to print 10 copies of these 3 pages): 1. A brief biographical information form (page 3 of this document). 2. A main set of questions (page 4 of this document). 3. A subsidiary set of questions (page 5 of this document). Please do not show this subsidiary set of questions to your interviewees! The first question on this list asks them if English is the official language of the USA, and we want them to answer what they honestly believe at the time, after having answered the main set of questions. Once they answer that one, you can then tell them that there is no official language in the USA, and then you can ask the remaining questions in that set. These interviews must be kept anonymous, so please just assign a number from 1 to 10 for each inter- viewee. Write this number on each of the three sets of interview questions (using the space provided at the top of each page) so that you know which pages go together. You will eventually enter the infor- mation from these interview forms into assessments we will provide on WebCT. You must enter the information from these interview forms on WebCT by Monday, April 26, 12pm , two weeks before the report outline is due on Monday, May 10, 12pm . This is because part of what you will be reporting on is the information gathered by the entire class, not just the information you gathered from your own interviewees (further details on the next page). The interviewees In order to ensure a certain amount of diversity in the class results, your set of 10 interviewees must meet the following two essential biographical criteria based on sex and age. 1. 5 of them should be male, and 5 of them should be female. 2. At most 3 can be from the same age group (18–22, 23–27, etc. — see main question 2). We would ideally also try to ensure some diversity according to the other biographical information questions, but that would be more difficult (not to mention potentially awkward). The final report
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Research Project - LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures of America...

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