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Final Review - Final Review LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures...

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Final Review LIGN 8: Languages and Cultures of the Americas UCSD Spring 2010 Professor Gabriella Caballero Teaching Assistants: Lucien Carroll, Bethany Keffala Week 1 Big question: What are languages and language varieties, and what do linguists study? Key terms and concepts prescriptive vs descriptive rules language rules/patterns language, language varieties, dialect, idiolect mutual intelligibility dialect continuum standard dialect Questions for understanding What are the key factors that determine whether a language variety is thought of as language or a dialect? How and why do standard dialects exist? Why are linguists interested in descriptive rules? Week 2 Big question: What does language diversity look like, demographically and socially? Key terms and concepts Three-generation shift multilingualism, multiculturalism passive bilingualism, functional bilingualism, balanced bilingualism diglossia heritage language typological and genetic relatedness language families, language isolates code-switching
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Questions for understanding In what social/political contexts do different kinds of bilingualism occur? In what ways can different languages be similar, and what are the respective causes? How does linguistic diversity increase or decrease? Week 3 Big question: What does linguistic diversity look like structurally? Key terms and concepts Phonemes, morphemes, lexicon, syntax McGurk effect Language as a cultural convention arbitrariness of prestige arbitrariness of linguistic signs regular and irregular morphology analytic, synthetic, polysynthetic languages Questions for understanding How are speech sounds produced? What are some common properties of Californian indigenous languages? What are some common properties of all languages? Week 4 Big question: How and why is linguistic diversity decreasing? Key terms and concepts endangered languages language death (and its kinds) language status Siberia: Chulym; Bolivia: Kallawaya; India: Sora specialized terminology Questions for understanding What happened to the original linguistic diversity of the US, and by what causes? How are the processes that are causing language endangerment now different than the processes that
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Final Review - Final Review LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures...

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