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Assignment 2 Answer Key

Assignment 2 Answer Key - Assignment#2 answer key: 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #2 answer key: 1) The phrase "a language is a dialect with an army and a navy" is intended to illustrate how imperialistic countries (such as Britain, France and Spain) used military force to impose their linguistic values on the world: False. 2) Among other things, the McGurk effect shows that: a, b and c. (what we think we hear is not necessarily an accurate reflection of the sound stream; we do not have conscious control over our perception of sounds; there is a visual component in speech perception). 3) Which of the following are NOT examples of prescriptive rules in English? Yoda great wisdom shows (sentence final verbs not allowed). 4) A dialect of a language may emerge as the standard variety because: it best serves the needs of people at centers of commerce and/or government. 5) The unconscious knowledge speakers have about vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure, and meaning is: grammatical competence. 6) A speech community may be defined: regionally, ethnically, or socially. 7) The term 'diglossia' refers to: languages used in different areas of life. 8) What is the primary source of multilingualism in the United States? Influx of immigration (first generation immigrants and their children are often multilingual, but few others are). 9) The distribution of languages in the world in relation to the number of speakers of each language is: inversely proportionate. 10)Languages that are genetically related: Descend from a common ancestral language. 11)The region of the world with the highest level of linguistic diversity is: Papua New Guinea. 12)Which of the following language families is distributed on more than one continent? (If you don't remember this from the reading, look each family up in the Ethnologue.) Eskimo Aleut 13)John Baugh's research shows that: given a relatively small speech sample, listeners can identify a speaker's ethnic background at above chance levels. 14)When Labov performed his department store study in the 1960s, what sound change was in progress in New York City? More people were starting to pronounce their 'r's   rhoticity was on the rise. 15)The Three Generation Rule states that: the third generation of immigrant populations is typically monolingual in the language of the new country. 16)The Miami language and other indigenous languages of the Americas have approximately 600 ­800 words, significantly less than colonial languages: False. 17)Which of the following was NOT one of the top five languages in the United States after English as reported by the 2000 Census? Vietnamese. 18)What does it mean to say that symbols in language are "arbitrary"? There is nothing inherent in the words or structures we use that relates them to the thing(s) they signify. 19)Functional bilinguals are able to understand two or more languages, but are not able to speak all of them: False. 20)What is the status of English in the United States? English is the de facto national language, but not an official language. ...
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