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Workshop Guidelines Before Showing Up in Class: Please prepare 2-3 paragraph draft before coming to class; make copies available to your partner (s). During Workshop: 1. Start our workshop by exchanging papers with your partner(s); 2. Spend the first five minutes reading the draft(s) closely; then circle words or phrases that bug you and underline sentences that are really captivating or potentially illuminating; 3. In a separate paper, please write down the following: (15 minutes) a. General Impression: Tell your partner(s) if the two paragraphs are convincing; indicate your immediate responses upon first reading; b. Detailed critiques: Tell your partner(s) if the thesis is clear ; show where her/his argument succeeds or lags; point out logic or textual evidence problems;
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Unformatted text preview: c. Questions or Suggestions: Offer your advice on how to improve the essay in terms of organization, argument, and textual examples. Finishing Up Your Homework 1. Write a brief Self-Reflection or Response to your partner(s)’ comments in which you say if you have learned from the Workshop; 2. Elaborate and Fledge: Develop your two paragraphs into a full paper, typed, double-spaced, well written, and carefully proofread. 3. Put everything--draft, workshop critique, self-reflection, your final revision, etc.-- in a folder, with your name on the cover; 4. Retain a copy of your revision on your own. Turn in the Package Tuesday in Class; Package includes the following: a. First Draft; b. Peer Critiques; c. Self-reflection; d. Final Draft....
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