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Optional Assignment_6 - Individual Learning Style Assessment

Optional Assignment_6 - Individual Learning Style...

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CEN100 – Introduction to Engineering Fall 2010 Professor F. Stewart FYCEO Optional Assignment #6 – Individual Learning Style Assessment Instructions: 1. Go to the link for the Felder-Soloman Index of Learning Styles (ILS) Questionnaire- a self-scoring questionnaire of 44 questions that have an (a) or (b) answer. When answering the questions don’t think about it too much go with your first instinct, there are no right or wrong answers. 2. Complete the questionnaire and you will be presented with a Learning Style Results Sheet which provides feedback on where you are on the relative scales. 3. Then click on the Learning Style Descriptions 4. Print out your Learning Style Results and print on the sheet your student number and course section number.
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Unformatted text preview: below your results display and read up on the implications of your score results. 5. On the reverse side of the sheet provide 25-30 words (maximum) comment on your results. [in effect, did this confirm what you thought about yourself?, did the explanation in the Learning Style Descriptions 6. Hand in the hard copy print out with your name, student number and section number clearly indicated on it next CEN100 lecture. In effect, place it in the box at the front of the lecture room. help you understand your learning style better?, do you agree with the assessment?, etc] The link for the Felder-Soloman Index of Learning Styles (ILS) is: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html...
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