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F09MTH141SampleTest2 - Fall 2009 MTH 141 Sample Test#2 1...

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Fall 2009 MTH 141 Sample Test #2 Last Name (Print): 1 Ryerson University Department of Mathematics Sample Test # 2 MTH 141 – Linear Algebra Student Number: . Last Name: . First Name ( Print ): . Signature: . Date: November 20, 2009, 4 pm Duration: 1hr. 30 min. Professor (circle one) Dr Bonato Dr Danziger Dr Homayouni Dr Tasi´ c Section : Instructions: 1. Have your student card available on your desk. 2. This is a closed-book test. Notes, calculators and other aids are not permitted. Verify that your test has pages 1-7. 3. Do not separate the pages of this test booklet. 4. The point value of each question is indicated by the question number. 5. Include all significant steps in your solutions to the questions, presented in the correct order. Unjustified answers will be given little or no credit. Cross out or erase all rough work not relevant to your solution. 6. Present your solutions neatly and legibly in the space provided. Messy or illegible solutions will receive no credit .
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