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RYERSON POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE MTH141 — Term Test 2 November 14, 2003 Name (print): Time allowed: 60 minutes. Signature: Student Number: Delic Grandison Ha Hu Pascal Richardson Woungang Instructions: Fill in your name, student number, and signature in the spaces provided above. Please circle your instructor’s name above. Keep your Ryerson photo identification card visible on your desk. Verify that your paper contains ?? questions on ?? pages. Aids are not allowed. Electronic devices such as calculators, cell-phones, pagers and Walkmen must be turned off and kept inaccessible during the test. You must show all your work. The correct answer alone may be worth nothing. Please write only in this booklet. Use of scrap paper or additional enclosures is not allowed. If you need more space, continue on the back of the page, directing the marker where the solution continues with a bold sign.
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