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MTH 141, Fall 2010 1 Lab Topics and Format Linear Algebra (MTH 141), Fall 2010 Note: Labs start on Mon. September 13, 2010. Lab Format: Each lab consists of three parts: Part (1): The TA will do examples on the board. Part (2): The duration of each quiz is 20 minutes . The TA will write the questions on the board. Please bring paper on which you will write the solutions. The paper must be blank at the start of the quiz. The pages must be letter size and neat (i.e. not pages torn from a coil notebook). Multiple pages must be stapled. Pages held together by a paperclip will not be accepted. You may write on both sides of each page. Part (3): The TA will return the quiz from the previous week and go over the solution.
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Unformatted text preview: Lab Topics: (Please check the course outline for the list of practice exercises in each section) • Lab 1–Vectors (text sections 1.1–1.2) • Lab 2–Vectors (text sections 1.1–1.3) • Lab 3–Systems of Linear Equations (text sections 2.1–2.2) • Lab 4–Complex numbers (text Appendix B) • Lab 5–Matrices and Matrix Algebra (text sections 3.1–3.2) • Lab 6–Matrices and Matrix Algebra (text sections 3.1–3.4) • Lab 7–Matrices and Matrix Algebra (text sections 3.1–3.6) • Lab 8–Determinants (text sections 4.1–4.2) • Lab 9–Determinants (text sections 4.1–4.4) • Lab 10–Linear Transformation (text sections 6.1–6.2)...
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