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Department of Physics Please put the initial of your last name inside the circle PCS211 – PHYSICS: MECHANICS Final Exam – April 21, 2009 Please Print Clearly : Student:_____________________________ ___________________________ Last Name First Name Student Number: _____________________ Student Section: _______________ Check the name of your professor: Dr. Y. Xu Dr. J. Hu Dr. J. Tavakkoli Dr. J. Yuan Dr. J. Carvalho Instructions - Read them attentively The test consists of 23 multiple choice questions. Answer all questions. Each question is worth 1 mark. For each multiple choice question: o You need to show all the work you’ve done to arrive at the answer in the space provided in this booklet. If no work is shown to justify the answer to a question, the resultant mark may be zero, even if the answer in the bubble sheet is correct. o The work shown in your exam booklet may be checked, at least for one of the questions, selected randomly. o Transfer your choices to the bubble sheet only when you’re sure of them. o Some answers are rounded off a bit so don’t panic ! Duration of the exam: 2.5 hours. Pagers and cell phones must be silenced and placed out of reach. Earphones are not allowed. If a phone rings, its owner is responsible for disrupting the exam and the phone will be confiscated or the owner will be asked to leave the room resulting in a zero on the test. Sharing of pens, erasers and calculators is not permitted. Talking to another student or glancing over another student’s paper is not permitted and may result in a charge of academic misconduct. Formula sheets are not allowed. The only calculators allowed are either the Sharp EL-546 or C asio FX-991 . If you are found to have another type of calculator (even if not programmable) it will be confiscated for the duration of the test. All Ryerson Examination rules apply. Your signature here (no signature, no mark!)
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surface. If the bullet becomes embedded in the block, what is the velocity of the block immediately after impact.
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PCS211_FinalExam_W09_4-21-2009 - Department of Physics...

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