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Ryerson University Department of Philosophy PHL 110: Philosophy of Religion (Fall 2010) Professor: Prof. K.J. Kraay Email: [email protected] Phone: 416.979.5000 x 1-6165 Office: Room 416, 4 th Floor, Jorgensen Hall Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-3pm; Thursdays 12-2pm Course Description: This course is an introduction to philosophical reflection on religion. The approach of the course will be analytic in style: we will seek to clarify and analyze important religious concepts, and to evaluate critically certain arguments and central religious beliefs. The course will be divided into seven main units. The first will provide a brief introduction to the basic tools of conceptual analysis and argument evaluation. In the second, the idea of God central to many versions of monotheism will be introduced. The third unit will be devoted to a careful study of influential arguments for and against the existence of God. In the fourth unit, the relationship between faith and reason will be examined. The last three units will concern philosophical reflection on, respectively, belief in miracles, religious diversity, and the relationship between religion and ethics. Textbook: The required textbook is be a collection of readings selected by the instructor. It will be available, listed either under “PHL 110” or “Kraay”, at the Ryerson University Bookstore. Evaluation Scheme: Grades will normally be determined in the following manner: Task Value Date Due First essay (2-4 pages) 20 % Thursday, Oct. 7 th . Midterm Exam 20 % Thursday, Oct. 28 th . Second essay (5-7 pages) 30 % Thursday, Nov. 18 th . Final Exam 30 % tba There is no specific participation component in the grading scheme, but class participation may raise or lower your grade by up to 5 points. For a table showing the correspondence between letter-grades, percentage scale, and grade point average (GPA), see .
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2 The first written assignment will primarily be exegetical in nature, and the required length will be 2-4 pages. The second written assignment will primarily be analytical in nature, and the required length will be 5-7 pages. Detailed instructions on expectations for academic writing in general,
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course outline - Ryerson University Department of...

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