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Some Key Support Resources at Ryerson Academic Support 1. The Learning Success Centre is dedicated to helping students reach their academic potential ( www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/learningsuccess/ ). Particularly useful services include: Online Seminars: www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/learningsuccess/online_seminars/ Workshops: www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/learningsuccess/workshops/ One-on-One Consultation: www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/learningsuccess/individualconsultations/ Learning Groups www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/learningsuccess/learninggroups/ 2. The Ryerson Writing Centre ( www.ryerson.ca/writingcentre ) offers handouts, workshops, and individual consultation on all aspects of university-level writing. 3. Ryerson’s English Language Support unit helps students improve their overall communication skills ( www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/els/ ). 4. The Access Centre provides students with disabilities accommodation services and supports needed to achieve academic success ( www.ryerson.ca/studentservices/accesscentre/
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