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Ryerson University Department of Computer Science CPS125 – Digital Computation and Programming Course Outline and Course Management Form (Winter 2011) Note: The midterm dates are now official Professors Dr. Maryam Davoudpour Office: ENG241 [email protected] Dr. Denis Hamelin Office: ENG276 [email protected] Dr. Ilkka Kokkarinen Office: N/A [email protected] m Dr. David Mason Office: ENG260 [email protected] Prof. Anastase Mastoras Office: ENG250 [email protected] Dr. Joshua Panar Office: ENG259 [email protected] Dr. Hamid Timorabadi Office: N/A [email protected] Dr. Mehrdad Tirandazian Office: N/A [email protected] son.ca Dr. Denise Woit Office: ENG282 [email protected] Dr. Isaac Woungang Office: ENG282 [email protected] Course Description: Digital Computation and Programming. The C programming language is used to develop good programming techniques. Topics covered include: C program form, language statements, pseudo-code algorithmic representation, numeric data types, flow of control with selection and repetition, standard C libraries, functions and call modes, arrays, pointers, sorting, matrix operations, character and string data types, dynamic storage, structures and linked lists, file I/O. Only regular first year students from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may preregister for this course. Course Format: 3 weekly lecture hours and 2 weekly lab hours. Course Websites: The official course website (www.courseweb.ca/cps125 ) and your professor's website for specific section information. (must be consulted at least once a week) . The example programs website can be found at c.ihypress.ca . Course Texts: Hanly, J. R. & Koffman, E. B. (2011), Problem Solving and Program Design in C - Fourth Custom Edition for Ryerson University , Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing. [mandatory] CPS125 Lab Manual ( http://www.cs.ryerson.ca/dhamelin/cps125/labs/manual.html ). Optional lab references: Academic Computing Services (2004), User's Guide to Academic Computing and the Internet , Toronto: Ryerson University Bookstore. Also available on line If your lab uses the facilities of the Department of Computer Science (ENG Building), you will need the User Guide to DCS Facilities . CEAB Learning Objectives and Attributes: At the end of this course, the successful student will be able to: 1. Develop analytical and numerical expressions (in C) using real problems (1b). Term Test #1 will be used to measure this attribute component. 2. Unterstand, interpret, articulate and apply a basic knowledge of (computer) science in the identification, formulation and solution of basic problems (1a). Term Test #2 will be used to measure this attribute component. 3. Demonstrate an ability to use software solutions to formulate, analyze, and solve engineering problems. (2c)
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This note was uploaded on 09/24/2011 for the course CPS 125 taught by Professor Panzer during the Winter '11 term at Ryerson.

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cps125-outline-2011 - Ryerson University Department of...

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