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Ryerson University Department of Computer Science CPS125 – Digital Computation and Programming Course Outline and Course Management Form (Winter 2011) Note: The midterm dates are now official Professors Dr. Maryam Davoudpour Office: ENG241 [email protected] Dr. Denis Hamelin Office: ENG276 [email protected] Dr. Ilkka Kokkarinen Office: N/A [email protected] m Dr. David Mason Office: ENG260 [email protected] Prof. Anastase Mastoras Office: ENG250 [email protected] Dr. Joshua Panar Office: ENG259 [email protected] Dr. Hamid Timorabadi Office: N/A [email protected] Dr. Mehrdad Tirandazian Office: N/A [email protected] son.ca Dr. Denise Woit Office: ENG282 [email protected] Dr. Isaac Woungang Office: ENG282 [email protected] Course Description: Digital Computation and Programming. The C programming language is used to develop good programming techniques. Topics covered include: C program form, language statements, pseudo-code algorithmic representation, numeric data types, flow of control with selection and repetition, standard C libraries, functions and call modes, arrays, pointers, sorting, matrix operations, character and string data types, dynamic storage, structures and linked lists, file I/O. Only regular first year students from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may preregister for this course. Course Format: 3 weekly lecture hours and 2 weekly lab hours. Course Websites: The official course website (www.courseweb.ca/cps125 ) and your professor's website for specific section information. (must be consulted at least once a week) . The example programs website can be found at c.ihypress.ca . Course Texts: Hanly, J. R. & Koffman, E. B. (2011), Problem Solving and Program Design in C - Fourth Custom Edition for Ryerson University , Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing. [mandatory] CPS125 Lab Manual ( http://www.cs.ryerson.ca/dhamelin/cps125/labs/manual.html ). Optional lab references: Academic Computing Services (2004), User's Guide to Academic Computing and the Internet , Toronto: Ryerson University Bookstore. Also available on line If your lab uses the facilities of the Department of Computer Science (ENG Building), you will need the User Guide to DCS Facilities . CEAB Learning Objectives and Attributes: At the end of this course, the successful student will be able to: 1. Develop analytical and numerical expressions (in C) using real problems (1b). Term Test #1 will be used to measure this attribute component. 2. Unterstand, interpret, articulate and apply a basic knowledge of (computer) science in the identification, formulation and solution of basic problems (1a). Term Test #2 will be used to measure this attribute component. 3. Demonstrate an ability to use software solutions to formulate, analyze, and solve engineering problems. (2c) The final examination will be used to measure this attribute component.
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* Numbers in parentheses refer to the graduate attributes required by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.
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