2009-3 - Ryerson Department of CPS125 Term University...

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Ryerson University Department of Computer Science CPS125 – Winter 2008 Term Test #1 February 6, 2008 4:10 p.m. - Duration: 60 minutes Family Name: ______________ Given Name: ______________ Student #: ________________ Section number: ________ Your Ryerson email: __________________ @ryerson.ca Please circle your professor's name Davoudpour Hamelin Kokkarinen Moore Panar Gajderowicz(Santos) Timorabadi Instructions: -> All bags must be placed at the front of the room. Turn off cell phones and pagers. No calculators or any documents are allowed. No hats that have visors nor coats are allowed at your seat. Put those at front of the room as well. -> A 1 mark penalty will be applied for incorrectly filled in section number and/or failure to circle your professor's name. -> The test has 30 questions in 8 sections. Answer questions on this sheet and the mark sense sheet. Hand-in on both the exam sheet AND the mark sense sheet. No marks if both are not handed in. -> The test has a duration of 60 minutes. Stop writing and put down your pen when instructed. -> University regulations regarding student behaviour will be fully applied. -> Have your photo ID visible at all times during the test. -> There is a penalty for incorrect answers but no penalty for blank answers. Correct answer +1, incorrect answer -0.25, no answer 0 . please consider the odds before engaging in guessing. Do not open the test until instructed 1
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SECTION I: Convert the following decimal numbers into signed integer 32-bit representation (2-complement for negative numbers). 1.
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2009-3 - Ryerson Department of CPS125 Term University...

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