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PCS125Management Form W11 - Faculty of Engineering,...

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1 Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science Department of Physics Course Outline (W2011) PCS 125: WAVES AND FIELDS Instructor Dr. M.J. Carvalho Office: KHS342 Phone: (416) 979-5000 ext 7412 Email: [email protected] Office hours: Tuesdays 1 – 4 p.m. in my office; other times by appointment . Don’t hesitate to e-mail me if these times do not fit your schedule – we will arrange another time. Remember to put “PCS125” in the subject of your e-mail. I may not respond to e-mails without the proper subject heading. Prerequisites None Compulsory Text “Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics”, by Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett, Jr., 8 th Edition, 2010, Thomson Learning, Inc. Available at the bookstore Clickers e-instruction clickers ( www.einstruction.com ) are also available at the bookstore. Notice, you will need the same clicker for your other courses during the following term. Make sure to register your clicker before coming to class (see Blackboard Announcement for instructions). Clickers used in a classroom setting are for the students use only. Impersonating someone by using his or her clicker, or having someone impersonate you by using your clicker constitutes a misrepresentation of personal identity or performance and is considered academic misconduct within the Ryerson Student Code of Academic Conduct (Policy 60). Calendar Description Simple harmonic motion; motion of mechanical waves, wave speed, sound, Doppler effect, interference, standing waves, beats and resonance; gravitational fields and potential energy; electric fields and potential energy; electric potential; magnetic fields. Learning Objectives At the end of this course, the successful student should have acquired analytical thinking and be able 1. To describe : oscillatory motion and its relation with wave motion; the properties of
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2 waves (mechanical and electromagnetic); force and energy associated with the gravitational, electric and magnetic fields. 2. To solve analytical and numerical problems on the topics covered in the course. 3. To understand the relevance of the material covered for Engineering. 4. Work cooperatively and collegially with other students in the course, particularly in the lab component, with the following definitions. Cooperatively: working together agreeably to make sure lab experiment goes well; Collegially: adopting the professional conduct of respect and helpfulness towards your classmates and instructors. Course Organization Class time and location: Website Communication 3 hours of lecture per week for 13 weeks 2 hours of lab every other week; 2 hours of tutorial every other week. Tuesday 12:00 – 13:00 , Thursday 8-10 a.m. in RCC204 (Rogers Building – 2 nd Floor) First day of classes: January 11 , 2011 Last day of classes : April. 15 th , 2011 For all other information see Ryerson Academic Calendar 2010-2011: http://www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/calendars/ Use Blackboard for all course information. There are
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PCS125Management Form W11 - Faculty of Engineering,...

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