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Unformatted text preview: PCS229 Solutions - Assignment #2 Fall2007 1 [10] 1. A 2 MeV photon is Compton scattered inside a medium and then undergoes a pair production interaction. a) What is the maximum Compton scattering angle for the pair production to take place? b) Lets assume the photon is scattered at 20 degree. What is the energy of the scattered photon? What is the energy of the scattered electron? If the scattered photon undergoes a pair production, what is the kinetic energy of the two emitted particles (electron and positron)? Solution: (a) The maximum Compton scattering angle, when the pair production takes place, can be calculated using the following equation where 755 . cos 2 511 . ) 1 022 . 1 2 ( 1 cos ) 1 ( 1 cos 2 ' = = = MeV MeV MeV MeV E c m E E Notice the minimum photon energy required for the pair production is 1.022MeV, while 0.511 MeV = m e c 2 or it is the rest mass of electron....
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This note was uploaded on 09/24/2011 for the course PCS 229 taught by Professor Pejovic-milic during the Fall '11 term at Ryerson.

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Assign_2_solution_fall07 - PCS229 Solutions - Assignment #2...

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