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practice q's 1 - ENG 010 Problem Set 1 The Scientific...

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ENG 010: Problem Set # 1 The Scientific Method. Question 1 The first step of the scientific method involves: a. forming a hypothesis. b. making observations. c. performing an experiment. d. predicting the result of an experiment Answer: (b) Question 2 Outline the five steps of the scientific method. Question 3 If the results of an experiment turn out differently from what you expected, then: a. the experiment was a failure. b. you should rework your hypothesis c. you need to redo your experiment until you get the expected result. d. you didn't follow the scientific method. Answer (b) Question 4 hypothesis is a. obeyed under any circumstances. b. a theory that has been proved c. a tentative explanation for a natural phenomenon d. a description of a pattern or relationship in experimental data Answer (d) Question 5 Which Aristotelian ideas did Galileo (1) discredited with his “fabled” leaning tower of pisa experiment and (2) demolished with his inclined plane experiments. (REMINDER: The leaning tower experiment involved dropping stones of different masses from a high elevation. The inclined plane experiments involved two inclined planes separated by a horizontal floor. He had observed that the ball rolling down picked up the speed, the ball climbing up lost the speed and ball on the flat middle moved at a constant speed.). Answer.
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(1) Objects of different masses reach the ground at different times. He discredited the notion that heavier objects fall to the ground faster. (2) No external force is required to maintain a uniform motion in straight line. In the absence of external forces or friction, the ball moving uniformly continues to move along the straight line path. Question 6.
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practice q's 1 - ENG 010 Problem Set 1 The Scientific...

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