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Matthew McCoy GEOG201 Week 2 Assignment Dr. Russell Graves February 15, 2011 Chapter 5, Review Question #4 (page 109). What are some principle motivations for industrial agglomeration? Agglomeration can be defined as a jumbled collection or mass. Industrial agglomeration, therefore, can be defined as a mass collection of a similar type of industry. There are different motivations as to why these industries are jumbled together. One is accessibility. Steel mills and manufacturing can be found in accessible waterways in conjunction with its accessibility to natural resources. Another motivator can be that in itself – location to available mineral resources. Coal fields can be found throughout the Appalachian Valleys in Pennsylvania and West Virginia because of the ease of mining coal directly out of the Appalachian Mountains. New York has become home of many corporations’ headquarters because of the accessibility to both overseas places like Europe and to the Great Lakes and Midwest agricultural regions. Chapter 5, Review Question #6 (page 109).
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Matthew_McCoy_Week_3_Assignment - Matthew McCoy GEOG201...

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