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Matthew_McCoy_Week_6_Assignment - Matthew McCoy GEOG201...

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Matthew McCoy GEOG201 Week 6 Assignment Dr. Russell Graves March 11, 2011 Chapter 9, Review Question #4 (page 188). What are the major components of “Southern culture”? The South can be viewed as a geographic composite of beliefs, attitudes, patterns, habits, and institutions associated with life in the entire group of southeastern states (Birdsall, Palka, Malinowski, & Price, 2009, p. 167). Local expressions of Southern culture have spread across the larger region and beyond. One style of Southern country music, for example, focuses on Nashville, Tennessee; another style carries the name of the Bluegrass Basin in Kentucky; a third, called Old-Timey, is associated with the southern Appalachians. The blues are a legacy of Memphis, Tennessee. New Orleans jazz carries the city’s name, wherever it is played. Gospel music is prevalent throughout most of the South, and several styles of gospel exist (Birdsall, Palka, Malinowski, & Price, 2009, p. 168). Stock-car racing, a popular “good-ole-boy” tradition which originated almost entirely in North and South Carolina, was ostensibly born from moonshine runners who once raced their cargoes along back roads at night from Appalachia’s foothills to urban centers on the Piedmont (Birdsall, Palka, Malinowski, & Price, 2009, p. 168). Slavery also played a role in Southern culture. Plantations that contained mostly African slaves gave a partial African mix to Southern culture, especially in the types of foods created and cooked. Another facet of the South’s culture is Southerners’ adherence to evangelical Protestant religions, most notably Southern Baptists (Birdsall, Palka, Malinowski, & Price, 2009, p. 171). Chapter 9, Review Question #7 (page 188). Explain how the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta can be described as a microcosm of several aspects of the South.
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The Yazoo-Mississippi Delta is a microcosm of the Old South even though its history is modified by its physical geography. Settlers, although at first apprehensive, were lured into settling the area by its fertile soil, proximity to river trade, and the profits to be made from cotton
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Matthew_McCoy_Week_6_Assignment - Matthew McCoy GEOG201...

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