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Lecture Learning Objective Chapter 1 Bio115-01 Gen Bio Molecular and Cellular Sara Martinson 1. You should be able to explain/recognize what is meant by the term ‘biology’, and be able to list/describe/recognize the characteristics of all living organisms. (i.e., What does it mean to be ‘alive’.?) 1. Biology, simply put, is the scientific study of life. It is built on the foundation of scientific inquiry which means posing questions about the living world and seeking science based answers. Since Biology is the study of life, another question remains: what does it take to be alive? There are seven characteristics that can be examined when determining whether or not a “thing” is living or not. The first of those being ordered structure; simply meaning that an organism must have a highly ordered structure and not just be a big blob of nothing. The second characteristic of life is the ability to process energy. Living organisms must be able to harvest and produce energy in order to carry out the functions of the cells. All living
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