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Origins Writing Assignment - Origins Assignment Sara...

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Origins Assignment Sara Martinson Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design and Evolution Reliability of Biblical Interpretation 1. I don’t believe Jesus was wrong in any matter much less a story about a mustard seed. Jesus laid out the story of the mustard seed in a parable, kind of like an analogy. Therefore, the text is not meant to be taken literally. In order for us to understand a text we must first understand how the author planned for their audience to understand the text. We have to look at the form used in the content of the text, the genre, and the historical and cultural matter. In the case of the mustard seed, God used a parable to explain a “big picture” idea. A mustard seed and plant was something that people of those times knew a great deal about. It was easy for them to hear a story about a mustard seed and be able to envision the seed growing into a plant. While the mustard seed is not the smallest seed in the land, it was definitely not the biggest. God used the small seed to represent the small community of believers.” The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed…” (Mathew 13:31). As the seed grows and becomes a plant so too does the faith of the people. “but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree…” (Matthew 13:32).The roots are sprouting as a good base in the faith of the people and the plant. A strong stems grows toward the heavens as does the strong pathway the people are creating for their journey to heaven. Once the plant has become tall and strong, much like the faith of the people, a bird comes and perches on the branches. The bird signifies the devil and all his evil in our lives working to ruin our relationship with God like the bird ruins the growth and the new seed life of the mustard plant. The mustard seed, being the smallest of all seeds on earth, is rather
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Origins Writing Assignment - Origins Assignment Sara...

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