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Interview Paper Number Two Foundations of Education Sara Martinson My interview was with a fourth grade teacher at Ames Elementary School. I chose to interview her because she is a great teacher and works with her students well. She also teaches a grade level at which I would never consider teaching myself so it was interesting to hear the advantages and disadvantages she sees at that level. Her first love of teaching is getting to work with the students and building relationships. She really enjoys the chance to get to know students on a deeper level, especially in small, more advanced classes like Advanced Placement Biology. Not only does she get to work with students, but she also gets to work with a group of faculty members that she takes pleasure in being around every day. She finds it easier to work around people who also love teaching and being with children – someone who shares a common interest. She said she works with some really wonderful people, at all grade levels. Another advantage she sees to teaching is that she gets to spend all day every day talking about a
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