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Interview Paper Number Two

Interview Paper Number Two - Interview Paper Number Two...

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Interview Paper Number Two Foundations of Education Sara Martinson My interview was with a fourth grade teacher at Ames Elementary School. I chose to interview her because she is a great teacher and works with her students well. She also teaches a grade level at which I would never consider teaching myself so it was interesting to hear the advantages and disadvantages at that grade level. This teacher views the main advantage at this level to be the challenges her class presents to her and the rewards of getting through those challenges that come afterward. She appreciates being able to see her children grow both socially and emotionally throughout the year. Along with influencing the children, she loves being able to watch that light bulb flicker on in a positive manner when the students come to a realization on a certain topic. Knowing that she helped them connect ideas and figure things out on their own is something she looks forward to happening every day.
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