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Observation Paper Number One

Observation Paper Number One - Observation Paper Number One...

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Observation Paper Number One Sara Martinson After observing the Sophomore Biology class at MOC High School, I found the following advantages and disadvantages. The most noticeable advantage to teaching high school students is the long-lasting relationships the students and teachers form. It was obvious to me that some of the kids in the room really enjoyed coming to that class, if not for the class itself then for the teacher. For example, one of the students came into the room and immediately made notice to say hi to the teacher and then proceeded with a quick conversation. Another observation I made note of was the high level of thinking and understanding the students were doing. While their level is not up to what a teacher may have the knowledge of, the students are still able to comprehend and get big picture ideas of the topics they are discussing. They all provided input on problems posed in the classroom by the teacher, if not by their own willingness with a little coaxing from the teacher.
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