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Observation Paper Number Three Sara Martinson After observing the Freshman Physical Science class at Spirit Lake High School, I found the following advantages and disadvantages. The most noticeable advantage to teaching high school students is the ability to connect on a personal level with the students. It was clear that the students, while not entirely focused on the class at hand, respected the teacher and what he offered. The class I observed today was a little low key due to the fact that it was the last day before break for those students. The teacher had the students doing fun quizzes. Another observation I made note of was the high level of thinking and understanding the students were doing. Students are able to comprehend and get big picture ideas of the topics they are discussing. They were all willing to provide input on problems posed in the classroom by the teacher. The teacher made the students excited about learning which was really interesting to watch. A third advantage to teaching the high school age that I observed was the ability of the teacher
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