Barbie Speech - Title: Yesterdays Fashion, Todays Role...

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Title: Yesterday’s Fashion, Today’s Role Model Sara Martinson Specific Idea: To persuade the listeners that Barbie is actually a positive role model. Thesis: I want my audience to understand that even though some people believe Barbie sets a bad example, she is a great role model for all women. I'm a Barbie Girl I. Introduction A. How many woman do you know that posses all these qualities and more: presidential candidate, business woman, Olympic athlete, astronaut and housewife? I only know of one who can do all this, and that woman is Barbie. Nearly every little girl seems to have at least one of these plastic figures that yield nearly 2.5 million dollars each year. It all began with one lady's desire to be creative and a trip to Switzerland. B. It is estimated that almost 90% of all girls own at least one Barbie doll in her lifetime. I’m sure most of the girls in this room have owned one Barbie doll, I know I grew up dressing and undressing and playing make believe with my fair share of dolls. Transition: Today, you will be hearing some more information on history in the making and the changes involved, why some believe Barbie should be done away with, and what Barbie brings to our homes. II. Body A. Since its debut, Barbie has been making history. 1. It all began in the 1940's with a couple who owned a wooden picture frame shop. Ruth and Elliot Handler than began to make little wooden samples including doll furniture. After their union with friend, Harold Mattson, the trio started a company known famously today as Mattel. What started as a small business soon became a corporate giant. a. Today Mattel Inc, produces toys in nearly 150 countries.
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Barbie Speech - Title: Yesterdays Fashion, Todays Role...

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