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CWR 6537 Subsurface Contaminant Hydrology Homework #3 - Advection 5 October 2010, Due 12 October 2010 Goal: To understand how variability in pore size distribution (manifested by variations in groundwater velocities) affects solute concentration distributions. Problem Statement: We want to examine the solute concentration distributions in several porous media with log-normally distributed velocity functions (e.g. Y= ln v, where Y is normally distributed). The mean of the log-velocity (U lnv , the mean of Y ) in each medium is 0.5 cm/min. There are four different media with log-velocity distribution standard deviations (σ lnv of Y ) less than 1 cm/min. 1. Plot the log-normally distributed velocity probability density function for each medium. Choose a range of variances. 2. Considering only advection, plot the resident solute concentration distribution ( C vs. x ) at three different times for one of the media (on the same graph). Choose times that demonstrate how concentration may vary with time. 3.
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