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Chem Report Front Cover - Name Lab TA Section Attach this...

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Name __________________________________ Lab # ______ TA _________________________________ Section # _________ Attach this sheet to the FRONT of your report—it is the cover page; report not accepted without this page . Introduction (4 points): _______ ______ Statement of the experimental problem/purpose ______ Usefulness of experimental techniques to address this problem/purpose (NO data, procedure, etc.) Experimental Procedure (4 points): _______ ______ Brief description of procedure ______ Chemical equation, formulas used in calculations (NO data and not a copy of lab handout) Data/Results (6 points): _______ ______ Correct units and significant figures ______ Data presented clearly in a table, meaningful data included ______ Comparison to theoretical value (often % yield or % error), class data if applicable Discussion (10 points): _______ ______ Reasonable sources of error ______ Impact of errors on data and/or results ______ Improvements to procedure that would help minimize error or better address the purpose/problem ______ Conclusions: discussion of whether problem was solved and/or purpose was fulfilled (restate problem)
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