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CHM 2045 General Chemistry Gower Sections Spring 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Jeff Gower ( [email protected] ) Office: CLB 314 Office hours: MWF 6th period, and MWR 9th period TEXTBOOK : Principles of General Chemistry , 2 nd Edition, Martin S. Silberberg, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-351108-5. COURSE SCHEDULE (lecture schedule is tentative) Dates Topics (# of lectures) Chapters Jan. 6–11 Introduction and Review: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions (3) Chap. 1–2 Jan. 13–20 Mass Relations and Stoichiometry (3) Chap. 3 Jan. 21 Aqueous Reactions (1) Chap. 4 Friday, Jan. 22 Discussion Quiz #1 TBA in lecture Jan. 25 – Feb. 1 Tuesday, Feb. 2 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 1 Chaps. 1–4, 6 Feb. 3–8 Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure (3) Chap. 7 Feb. 10–15 Electron Configuration and Chemical Periodicity (3) Chap. 8 Feb. 17–22 Chemical Bonding Models (3) Chap. 9 Friday, Feb. 19 Discussion Quiz #2 TBA in lecture Feb. 24 – Mar. 1 Molecular Geometry (3) Chap. 10 Wednesday, Mar. 3 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 2 Chaps. 7–10 Mar. 4–17 Covalent Bonding Theories (3) Chap. 11 Mar. 18–22 Gases (2) Chap. 5 Friday, Mar. 19 Discussion Quiz #3 TBA in lecture Mar 24–31 Intermolecular Forces and Liquids and Solids (4) Chap. 12 Thursday, Apr. 1 (8:20-10:20 pm) Progress Exam 3 Chaps. 5, 11–12 Apr. 5–8 Solutions (3) Chap. 13 Apr. 12–15 Chemical Kinetics (4) Chap.16 Friday, Apr. 16 Discussion Quiz #4 TBA in lecture Apr. 19–21 Intro to Equilibrium (2) Chap. 17 Saturday, Apr. 24 (10:00am - 12:00pm) Final Exam Comprehensive HOLIDAYS: January 18 (MLK,Jr.); March 6–13 (Spring Break) EXAMS : Three progress exams and a cumulative final exam will be given. No makeup progress exams will be given for any reason. Since unavoidable situations (illnesses, 1
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accidents, emergencies, etc.) do arise occasionally, we offer a dropped-exam policy (the best 2 of 3 progress exams will be counted toward your grade - see under “GRADES” below). If you must be absent for an exam due to a documented and approved academic or UF athletic conflict , bring the documentation to your instructor beforehand (planned trips home or elsewhere are not approved conflicts). Students may use any calculators on exams and quizzes. Bubbling errors on scantrons (missing or incorrect UF ID numbers, Form Codes, names, etc.) resulting in instructors having to hunt down and analyze scantrons will result in point-penalties (9 points for first error, 18 points for 2nd error, 24 points for 3rd error, etc.). Graded scantrons may be checked within TWO established intructor office hour sessions following the posting of the exam scores on e-Learning, after which no further scantron checking will be accomodated. DISCUSSION CLASSES/QUIZZES:
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Syllabus2045_Spring2010 - CHM 2045 General Chemistry Spring...

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