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Electromagnetic Theory II, PHY6347 Course Information Spring 2010 Lecturer : C. B. Thorn, NPB 2069, 392-5701 Lectures : NPB 1101, MWF 3rd period (9:35-10:25am) Office Hours : MW, 5th period (11:35-12:35am) and by appointment. Grader : Tongguang Cheng email: [email protected] Office hour: Textbook : Classical Electrodynamics , J. David Jackson, 3rd Edition (Wiley, 1999) Lectures : I will try to make my lectures as self-contained as possibile, but the text will provide an important resource for material not treated in lecture. It will also be a major source of homework problems and a valuable alternative perspective on the subject. We will start the second semester with the Lorentz covariance of Maxwell’s equations (Jackson, ch 11,12). Examinations : A midterm exam will comprise 25% of your course grade and a final examination will comprise 50% of your course grade. Both exams will be closed book. Homework : Problem sets containing 3,4, or 5 problems will be assigned on approximately a weekly basis and, together with class participation, will comprise 25% of your course grade. A score for each problem will be recorded: on a scale
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