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Electromagnetic Theory I Problem Set 1 Due: 29 August 2011 This and all future homework will be posted on the course webpage: http://www.phys.uF.edu/ thorn/homepage/eminfo.html In the homework assignments, I will refer to problems in Jackson by pre±xing the problem number with J. 1. a) Solve for the motion of a point particle with charge q and mass m in constant homoge- neous electric and magnetic ±elds that are perpendicular to each other. ²or de±niteness take B = B ˆ z parallel to the z -axis and E = E ˆ y parallel to the y -axis. Take the initial condition that the particle is at rest at the origin of coordinates. You may assume that the speed of the particle remains much smaller than the speed of light throughout the motion. b) What condition on the ±elds must hold if the motion stays nonrelativistic throughout? c) Draw the trajectory followed by the particle projected onto the x - y plane, indicating the coordinates of all the signi±cant features of the motion. 2. J, Problem 1.3
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