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1 Section Notes Week 12 Outline Key Concepts Response to Evaluations PES Climate Change Carbon market PES Markets Clean development mechanisms Practice Essay Question Bulletin board market Response to Evaluations First of all, thank you all for the time to fill out these evaluations! It is super helpful. I entered in all the hard-copy evals into the online form and appended the summary stats below. 1. One of the things I heard pretty clearly from many of you is that you prefer that section time not be spent on doing practice problems. I recognize that section time is limited and glad you gave me this feedback. The main reason I had provided such time was to elicit questions that you may not otherwise have, not having struggled through the problems. I can probably do this in other ways, and would love if you come with your own questions. 2. On a related note, one person asked if I could let you know what topics I’ll be covering in advance of section, so you may be a little better prepared. I think this is a good idea. I’ll admit, sometimes things come together day-of, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to focus on at least the day before. I’ll get in the habit of sending out an email Thursday evening with as detailed a preview as I can, maybe even throw in practice questions then. 3. Some people commented on the grader/grading situation. The grader is an econ grad student with unfortunately a hellish work load, and grading takes a really long time. Regardless, I understand how helpful it is to have feedback as quick as possible. The good news is that problem sets 3 and 4 will be graded and returned within a week, this has been promised. And the final will be completely graded by Jenny and I. 4.
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section12_brian - 1 Section Notes Week 12 Outline Key...

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