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A pharmacy technician keeps a very busy routine with pharmacy work that would include typing prescriptions from doctors’ longhand script for the maintenance of pharmacy and patient records. This has the benefit of making the information more legible while putting it into a universal format, all for the sake of making the information more quickly and easily accessible to the patient and other members of the pharmacy staff. Pharmacy techs help with refilling prescriptions or filling newly written prescriptions that come in as either traditional hand-written script or by fax or email from the doctor’s office directly. Techs are responsible for verifying the prescription for completeness and accuracy and very often contact the doctor who wrote the prescription to verify information or to confirm its legitimacy if it seems in any way unusual. When a prescription is for pre-stocked drugs that have been packaged by the pharmaceutical
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Unformatted text preview: company that manufactured them, the pharmacy tech simply pulls them from the shelf, verifies the quantity and potency is consistent with the prescription, tracks the in-house inventory, and rings the customer out. Pharmacy techs also act as the liaison between patients and their doctors and insurance companies. Insurance companies may not cover a certain prescription, which puts the burden of payment onto the patient. This puts the patient in the awkward position of having to decide between their health and their finances. In these instances, pharmacy techs would determine what similar medication the insurance company is willing to pay for, and would then contact the doctor who wrote the original prescription to see if he agrees that the substitute is suitable, and is willing to re-write the prescription accordingly....
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