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hcp 210 In the Institutional Pharmacy Setting

hcp 210 In the Institutional Pharmacy Setting - of task...

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In the Institutional Pharmacy Setting, teams provide products and services to patients around the clock 365 days a year. They work closely with Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians, and Physical therapist to monitor patients for any possible drug interactions especially when the patient starts a new medication one is usually monitored right there at the pharmacy to make sure no complications arise that will need immediate attention. The Institutional Pharmacy Setting has good control of their medications they use controlled dispending systems to make sure patients obtain the right medication at the right time that includes proper dosage and form. Many come pre-packed so they can be dispensed in a much safer way to the patient so has not to lose any of the medications this saves time and helps minimize errors. Every patient’s medications are checked regularly to make sure no duplications have been made. The Institutional pharmacy technician may be required to form a wide variety
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Unformatted text preview: of task under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, here is a list of some responsibilities the technician may have. Data Collection, charting and Reporting, Preparing patient satisfaction assessments, Compiling quality improvement data, managing quantity and quality of drug inventory, Performing formulary maintenance, Prepare billing statements. Surveying and Inspections, Conducting medication room inspections, Conducting narcotic audits, Checking emergency boxes and replacing outdated medications, Checking orders for completeness, Inspecting, and servicing crash carts. Education, Assist in facility meetings, helping to organize and maintain the medical library, Providing in-service training and continuing education for facility. Maintenance, Assisting in the maintenance of devices (fax machine, copier automated dispensing systems, etc. Dispensing and Inventory, Ordering medication stock Package medications, preparing. .....
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