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In inpatient coding, the ICD’s Volume 3, Procedures , is used to assign procedure codes. Reporting Volume 3 codes when appropriately documented may increase the hospital’s reimbursement because some procedures require more hospital time for recovery. Volume 3 of the ICD-9-CM has an Alphabetic Index and a Tabular List, similar to Volumes 1 and 2. The Alphabetic Index is used to locate the procedure, and the Tabular List is used to confirm the code selection. Codes are either three or four digits. An example, codes in range 93.31 to 93.39 are assigned when patients require physical
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Unformatted text preview: therapy procedures such as whirlpool therapy. Two ways in which inpatient coding differs from physician and outpatient diagnostic coding are that the main diagnosis, called the principal rather than the primary diagnosis, is established after study in the hospital setting, and coding an unconfirmed condition known as a rule-out as the admitting diagnosis is permitted. With outpatient, you usually have no stays at the hospitals or nursing homes....
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